Last week, we asked our readers to respond to the country's decision to elect Donald Trump as the nation's 45th President. The decision was met with varying opinions ranging from "a setback for sustainability" to the change that the building industry needs. Now, BUILDER sister-site Remodeling spoke to remodelers to see not only how our readers feel about Trump's win, but also their predictions for how Trump's administration will impact the economy and different facets of the construction industry, from the workforce to green building.

Here are just a few of the responses:

"Infrastructure spending and lower taxes will be positive for small businesses. Amendments to or abolishment of NAFTA, TPP, the ACA, etc. maybe be harmful. Deportations of immigrants will be very negative for small businesses...particularly in the construction industry." - Michael Winn, WINN Design+Build, Falls Church, Va.

"If he does what he said, I think our business will triple in volume over the next three years and beyond." - Chris of CJ's Finish Carpentry

"He will likely cause an economic downturn; small businesses will suffer." - Kimber, Kiva Construction Inc.

"I think the economy will be worse. I also think businesses will lobby successfully to stop any federal minimum wage raises. If he ships out foreign workers, there will be labor shortages in construction and agriculture." - John R.

"A Trump administration is unlikely to support tax credits for sustainable building products which may tamper consumer demand; however, the industry itself will continue to support and grow green building practices." - Michael Winn

"To date, Donald Trump has demonstrated shocking misinformation on the importance and cause of climate change and seems to have no regard for the environment." - Anonymous; Columbus, Ohio

"Join in - don't sit back and be apathetic because this wasn't your choice. Do you think because you because you spent a lot of time on a beautiful design and proposal you are 'owed' that project? That has become the attitude of a growing part of our population. We started our own businesses (and country) because we are independent hard working people ... CHANGE IS UP TO US." - JB, renovationPLUS; Indianapolis

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