According to the September ADP Regional Employment Report released Wednesday morning, approximately 74,000 of a total 154,000 jobs were added in the South region, marking a 0.17% gain, the largest growth seen in all regions. The West was close behind with a gain of 0.15%, followed by the Midwest (0.09%) and Northeast (0.06%) regions, respectively.

Please note that the total numbers displayed in our chart below differ slightly from ADP's breakdown, which rounded up the total in every region.

Among the 29 states that ADP includes in its regional report, three states gained more than 10,000 jobs during March: Texas (24,900), Florida (18,800), and California (17,400), all located in the South or the West, where demand for housing is high, supply is tight, and home prices are rising. By rate of growth, the four states posting the largest gains were Idaho (0.32%), Utah(0.28%), Florida (0.26%), and Nevada (0.25%).

In September, 9,000 jobs were added to the natural resources, mining, and construction industry nationwide, with the West region contributing 3,000 to the net gain. The rest of regions all reported a gain of 2,000 jobs in the three industries combined, respectively. The construction industry alone added 11,000 jobs during the same period of time, as BUILDER previously reported.

Read the full release of ADP Regional Employment Report here>>, and see the full ADP infographic below: