California unemployment rate for blacks is 10.9%, well above the 4.4% rate for whites.

A report from the Economic Policy Institute shows that the lowest state jobless rate for African-Americans matches the highest state jobless rate for white workers. Wall Street Journal staffer Kate Davidson takes a look at this report, which notes that while the national unemployment rate is only half of its recession era peak, the labor market for African-Americans and Latinos has not seen the same recovery.

Just last month, African-Americans faced an unemployment rate of 8.8.%, compared with 4.9% for the nation as a whole. Valerie Wilson, the director of EPI’s Program on Race, Ethnicity and the Economy, explains why these numbers are so shocking:

“Here we are almost seven years into a recovery, that’s troubling that in a number of these states, states that have a significant African-American population, they still have really high unemployment rates,” Ms. Wilson said.

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