Physician is the highest-paying occupation in the United States. Dishwasher is the lowest. Sentier Research has created demographic profiles of full-time workers in 440 different occupations based on data from the 2014 American Community Survey.

New Strategist Press editorial director Cheryl Russell offers a top line comparison of physicians and dishwashers, filtered through several demographic segments. The higher paid group is somewhat intuitive:

The twenty-five occupations defined by those with the highest average wage and salary incomes for 2014 earned on average $127,337. Their hourly wage rate implied by hours and weeks worked was $52.06, about double that of workers overall. Virtually all of these highest income occupations received, on average, at least $100,000. At the top of all occupations groups were physicians and surgeons earning $211,412 on average. At the bottom of this group we find management analysts averaging $99,811 annually.

Here's a look at the lowest paid:

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