People love their pets. In some cases, that’s an understatement.

As New York Times staffer Joanne Kaufman explains, there are some pet owners in New York City who go to great lengths to make sure their pets are comfortable, even if it comes at their expense.

“Many people who don’t have children view their pets as their children, and they consider their pets’ needs in the same way others would consider how the schools or playgrounds are in a particular neighborhood,” said Arlene Kagle, a psychologist who recently moved from New York to Richmond, Va., with her husband, Jerry Lerner, and their dog, Lucy. For the record, Lucy had no say in her owners’ housing decisions.

Some newly developed apartments and condos have created more pet-friendly environments to make both pet and master happy. There are on-site day care and dog-walking services and grooming stations. Such amenities were partly what inspired Bert Saville to rent at MiMA, a mixed-use high-rise in Hell’s Kitchen.

“I wouldn’t say I’m ruled by my dog, but I have to give up a certain number of things because of him,” Mr. Saville said. Despite his own preferences for an eyeful of cityscape and sky, he looked for a vacancy on the lowest floor available.

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