The Orlando Business Journal reports that the Orlando metro area led job growth in 2015, adding 52.200 jobs for the year, more than any other metro area in the country and well ahead of the 43,500 jobs added in 2014. According to data from the U.S. Department of Labor, Orlando's employment growth came in at 4.6%, the fastest of the 30 regions in the country with an employment base of at least 1 million jobs. The number of jobs added for the year is the highest annual gain for the city since 2004, and breaks down to the addition of about 150 jobs per day.

Entering 2016, all major industries except construction and manufacturing have returned to pre-recession employment levels. Construction was severely impacted by the recession but has gained back almost half of the jobs lost. Manufacturing must still add 1,500 more jobs to reclaim its pre-recession status.

Rapidly increasing job growth was also seen in San Jose; San Francisco; Tampa; Dallas; Phoenix; Riverside, Calif.; Portland, Ore.; Atlanta; and Seattle.

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