Ninety percent of Nevadans say that their state is a great place for immigrants to live, which is the highest among 50 states.

Justin McCarthy of Gallup writes 89 percent of residents in Massachusetts, Hawaii, Delaware, California, and Washington, DC agree with immigrants living in their state are . Only 67 percent of residents in West Virginia believe it's a place where immigrants should live, which is the lowest proportion.

Meanwhile, residents of several Southern states are among the least likely to say their city or area is hospitable to immigrants. Between 72% and 77% of adults in Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Kentucky, Oklahoma and Alabama say this. North Dakotans are also among the least likely to say this about their area. The complete list of states can be found at the end of this article.

Residents of several East Coast states are among the most likely to say the city or area where they live is a good place for immigrants from other countries.

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