On-demand webinars and videos

Belsky Unplugged

Harvard's Joint Center for Housing Studies director Eric Belsky takes a fresh look at a post-meltdown housing economy and plots the trajectory and timing of regaining the "new normal." His outlook will focus on national economic drivers, household and employment formation impacts, and local economics supply and demand influences for an exclusive story on what to look for in the year ahead.

Crystal Ball Economics: What's the outlook for 2010?

Real estate consultant de rigueur John Burns serves up his latest take on what the market will do in the year ahead. From projections on new-home demand to insight into the banking industry's next gyration, by the end of this video, you're guaranteed to be seeing 20/20 on what to expect in 2010.

Tax Credit 3.0

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the wheeling and dealing that led to the Nov. 6 extension--and expansion--of the federal $8,000 first-time home buyer tax credit program with this exclusive interview with NAHB president and CEO Jerry Howard and tax economist Rob Dietz, recorded just days before the final vote. The dynamic duo gives the lowdown on what was at stake for the industry as Congress battled over the prospect of extending the credit.

The Future of Foreclosures

Wayne Yamano of John Burns Real Estate Consulting shares his foreclosure forecast. (And here's a hint: It's not pretty.) Find out what effect the next wave of foreclosures will have on inventory, home prices, and appraisals in this short video interview with Big Builder editor Sarah Yaussi.

The Doctor's In: A Look at the Healthiest (and Unhealthiest) Markets in 2010

Hanley Wood Market Intelligence's Jonathan Smoke takes the pulse of the new-home economy in our five key markets, outlining which metro markets are on the mend--and which ones have taken a turn for the worst. Open up and say, "Ahh ... ."

The Next Great Land Rush

Michael Reynolds from land use and real estate development consultants The Concord Group offers a deep-dive into where--and, most important, when--recovery in the land market will take place in five of our most-watched markets. Tune in for the lowdown on where to focus your attention as you look to restock your land pipeline.