By BUILDER Magazine Staff. Luzier Named

On Dec. 5, the NAHB announced that Michael Luzier was to become president of the NAHB Research Center, a wholly owned subsidiary of the NAHB.

Luzier was the NAHB's senior staff vice president for regulatory affairs. "In his two decades of work with the NAHB, Mike Luzier has shown leadership and vision, particularly in his role as head of the NAHB's regulatory affairs efforts," says Kent Colton, former NAHB executive vice president, who headed the NAHB's search committee. "His work has helped the NAHB achieve great success for its members, and his knowledge of the housing industry's strengths and challenges will help the NAHB Research Center enhance its sterling reputation as the launching pad for technological advances in American housing in the 21st century and beyond."

Systems Boom

Experts at SHOWCASE 2002, the NAHB's Building Systems Council's (BSC) annual symposium, say the systems-built housing market is booming and poised to grow beyond the 2 percent of national housing starts it already captures.

Studies by the Cleveland-based Freedonia Group, and by the Structural Insulation Panel Association (SIPA) of Gig Harbor, Wash., project that systems-built housing increases will continue by as much as 12 percent annually. "We think the actual SIPs increase is much higher than our own survey indicates," says Bill Wachtler, SIPA executive director. Another study by the Log Home Living Institute reported increases in both production and dollar volume; log homes have captured 7 percent of the custom-home market nationwide.

BSC represents more than 200 member firms and professionals involved in modular, panelized, dome, and log-building systems. For more information, visit the new BSC home page at

Damp Ruling

The NAHB is critical of the Supreme Court's 4-4 split ruling in December on the Borden Ranch wetlands case (Borden Ranch Partnership vs. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers) saying it raises more questions than answers regarding differences in Congress' intent and the Corps' implementation of the Clean Water Act. However, the NAHB is not discouraged and will redouble efforts to ensure that Corps' regulation of wetlands activities is consistent with what Congress intended.

The NAHB says the Supreme Court's fast ruling in this case calls into serious doubt the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' ability to regulate certain wetlands activities, and the legality of the Tulloch Rule, which presumes that an activity can be subject to regulation if it moves or removes grains of soil from a wetland. The High Court is clearly bothered by what may very well be illegal over-regulation under the Clean Water Act, the NAHB says.

EMMA Winner

"Building Homes of Our Own," the NAHB's interactive CD-ROM home building game and teaching tool, won a prestigious 2002 International Electronic Multi Media Award (EMMA) for Learning 3-18. The EMMAs attract entries from more than 40 countries and recognize excellence in digital media content creation. For more information visit