Bricks are ubiquitous, and each year more than 1 trillion of them are manufactured, resulting in about 800 million tons of carbon emissions, says bioMASON CEO Ginger Dosier and reported by Triangle Business Journal staffer Lauren K. Ohnesorge

Since 2012, when she founded Raleigh, N.C.-based bioMASON, Dosier has been developing a way to grow bricks from micro-organisms. Apparently, it’s possible - according to a disclosure with the SEC, backers are betting $1.5 million in new equity capital that it will prove profitable.

She’s developed what she calls a natural chemical process to create cement-based building materials using bacteria.

In recent months, her team has shifted from growing the bricks to developing the materials for the process. bioMASON has partnerships in place with multiple brick manufacturers for the technology, but can’t be specific due to non-disclosure agreements, she said Tuesday.

The latest equity raise is capped at $3 million and was secured from three investors, according to a securities filing, which lists Acorn Innovestments founder Michael Noel as a director.

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