In the month of March 215,000 jobs were added, a decrease from the 245,000 recorded in February but still a 73rd consecutive month of growth. Trulia's Blog staffer Ralph McLaughlin reports on the job and wage growth recorded but also noted that job growth has continued to slow from February 2015's post-recession high.

Job growth in the real-estate service sector has outpaced national growth but there is still volatility with the number of existing home sales per employee in February falling from 3.5 sales per employee in January to 3.3 in February:

This recent volatility was likely a result of closing-delays from new lending regulations. While the number of sales per real estate employee hovers near post-recession highs, Feburary’s number of 3.3 remains well below pre-recession highs of approximately 5 sales per employee per month. The relatively low number of sales per real estate employee is likely due to the sharp drop in existing inventory over the past four years.

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