Although summer is winding down, temperatures are still high across the country and people are running their air conditioners to stay cool. But, as MarketWatch staffer Daniel Goldstein reports, there are ways for homeowners to cut down on their energy costs without overheating.

Wall-unit air conditioners are cheaper to buy but can be more expensive to run. Depending on your area, running a single 900-watt wall AC unit continuously during the summer months can add about $50 a month to your electricity bill, based on the national average of electricity costs of 12.8 cents a kilowatt/hour.

Adding central air to a home typically costs around $5,200, according to

The best way to keep the temperature low throughout the day is sealing your house in the early morning with cool air, according to Jason Kliwinski, chair of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Committee on the Environment (COTE) for New Jersey. As long as the house is properly sealed, insulated and shades and blinds drawn, the cool air will stay in the house the whole day, Kliwinski said. “It’s like the house taking a giant breath of cool air and holding it in,” he said.

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