Millennials are more savvy than may think, from knowing what to do with a tax refund or how to spend and save their money, according to the chief tax officer at income tax preparer Jackson Hewitt. In an article for the Huffington Post, JH's Max Steber explains how millennials are financially astute and serves up tips that can benefit millennials and any other generation that wishes to follow them.

“Millennials file 1 out of every 3 tax returns, earn 1 out of every 6 dollars in income, and pay 1 out of every 13 dollars in taxes” according to the Tax Foundation’s recent piece Millennials Pay Very Little in Income Taxes. Those facts are surprising, especially when you consider that when the term millennials is used words like entitled, lazy, spoiled, and naïve come to mind. My work in the tax business provides me with insight that millennials are innovative, justice-minded, and financially savvy - which may surprise many folks, especially their boomer parents.

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