MarketWatch staffer Jeff Reeves believes that contrary to the opinions of others, "there has never been a better time in history to get into real estate." In an opinion piece for the site, he explains the reasoning behind his this belief and why investors should get in on the 200% gains in recovery.

One of his reasons, is that that market is actually healthy as opposed to the doom and gloom typically associated with it. He points out that home prices have surpassed their pre-recession high and foreclosures are at their lowest since 2000. This along with data from some popular housing markets:

Lastly, consider how many markets like Las Vegas or major Florida metros like Miami, Tampa and Orlando have real estate values that still are below pre-crash levels despite the broad improvement nationwide. This proves that areas that were ground zero for irrational exuberance have not gone back to their old ways, but have in fact been right-sized … and are staying there.

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