One recent study has framed millennials as delaying buying a home because of student debt they've collected while another study notes that college grads are more likely to buy a home than their non-degree having peers. MarketWatch staffer Jillian Berman takes a look at the different reports which are leading to various headlines and overall confusion about the connection between millennials, student debt, and home ownership.

Discussions about student debt have led many to question whether it is smarter to forego college, but as John Zurick , president of SALT which helps borrowers better manage their student debt, explains people should not skip out on college just to avoid student debt:

His organization has found that student debt does delay major life decisions like home ownership. “But for us the resounding answer is no, you should not skip college.” Instead students should be mindful of the cost and the amount they’re borrowing when choosing a school, he said.

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