Gallup's heat-map of state-by-state economic confidence for 2015
screenshot via Gallup

The 50 United States are a quilt-work of economic confidence, some high-flying, and some at low-ebb. Gallup conducts a survey that polls about 500 respondents in every state of the U.S. and compares what they say. Gallup staffer Jeffrey M. Jones analyzes the results, noting that people who live in Utah are feeling the best about their state economy. Jones writes:

"Americans are much more positive about their state economies than they are about the national economy, and in no state are they more positive about their state economy than in Utah. Five other states, mostly in the Midwest, immediately follow Utah. Residents in several energy-producing states are upbeat about the current state of their economy, but harbor doubts about whether the good times will continue."

The top 10 states where residents about most confident about their state economy are: Utah, North Dakota, Texas, Nebraska, Colorado, Minnesota, Iowa, Nevada, Washington, and New Hampshire.

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