stats on life expectancy and economics from the New York Times

New York Times contributor Sabrina Tavernise reports on the dramatic, accelerated widening of the longevity gap between high-income and low-income Americans.

For men born in 1950, life expectancies for the top 10% of earners vs. the bottom 10% is 14 years, Tavernise notes in data from a new Brookings Institution study on longevity. She writes:

According to the Brookings study, life expectancy for the bottom 10 percent of wage earners improved by just 3 percent for men born in 1950 compared with those born in 1920. For the top 10 percent, though, it jumped by about 28 percent. (The researchers used a common measure — life expectancy at age 50 — and included data from 1984 to 2012.)

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