17% of Americans have directly cited the economy as the U.S.’s most important issue in October 2016.

In Gallup’s October 2016 survey of “Americans’ Views of the Most Important U.S. Problem”, 17% of the survey’s 1,017 adult respondents directly cited the economy as the most important U.S. problem – a higher percentage share than any other issue. 12% cited dissatisfaction with the government, while 10% cited racism and race relations, down from its 2016 peak of 18% in July.

31% of Americans cited a variety of economic issues – the economy in general, unemployment, the wealth gap, et cetera. This is the lowest-recorded level of concern about economic issues recorded by this poll since 2000, when only 21% of Americans mentioned economic issues. Pre-election economic responses peaked at 72% in 2012 and 69% in 2008.

7% of the survey’s respondents cited the presidential election as the top U.S. problem this October, an enormous leap up from the responses of less than 1% in the presidential election years between 2000 and 2012.

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