A recent Gallup poll shows that the majority of Americans (63%) believe they will find a job as good as the one they lost if laid off, a figure similar to the measures from before the Great Recession. Gallup staffer Jeffrey M. Jones reports on the possible reasons behind this increased confidence including April unemployment measuring at 5%, far less than the 9.9% measured during the last time this question was asked in April 2010.

This confidence appears greater in younger workers, with 73% of those between 18-34 being confident while only 51% of those 55 and up are confident:

Those age differences are typical of what Gallup has found previously and may reflect that younger workers have a wider range of opportunities, given that they are less likely to be established in a particular career or industry than older workers. Partly because of that, employers may prefer younger workers because they would tend to make less money than older workers.

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