Graduation season is fast-approaching, and an onslaught of millennials will soon be entering the job market. WalletHub's John S. Kiernan presents the best and worst entry level jobs for this year's graduating class.

Engineers took four of the top ten spots on the list, with architects coming in at number ten and rounding out the list. But drilling engineers, carpenters, plumbers, floor assemblers, and welders were rated as the worst entry-level jobs.

The engineering field has the most job openings, so finding an entry-level position might be easier than in some other professions. Drilling engineers had the highest starting salaries of all the jobs (next to tax lawyers, who start out at an average of $92,148), with a median annual salary of $129,990,
but was rated as one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. Carpenters, electricians, and floor assemblers, were also the nation's most dangerous jobs, making them some of the worst entry-level options.

Industrial designers and interior designers are among the jobs with the lowest median tenure with employers at 3.4 years.

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