People enter the workforce in hopes of obtaining a position that will start off with a high salary, but may not realize that there are plenty of jobs with future higher earning potential.

Nick Selbe of AOL uses Career Trends' list of 21 different careers with the greatest difference between entry-level and well experienced salaries. Each field on the list has a $20,000 difference in salary, and even has salaries with six-figure earnings. Dermatologists are number one on the list, with an entry-level earning of $98,544, and a well-experienced earning of $224,916. Chefs' and head cooks' salaries are the lowest on the list, with $28,407 for entry-level and $49,315 for well-experienced cooks.

Many young job-seekers are eager to earn money, but the promise of a high starting salary shouldn't be prioritized over future earning potential. Many occupations have uninspiring entry level salaries, but the more important factor is the ability for employees to increase their wages.

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