The Rent Stabilization Association, made up of 25,000 owners of one million rent-stabilized apartments, along with four building owners in Brooklyn, filed suit last week seeking to overturn a freeze in rents for more than one million rent-regulated tenants in New York City, reports Wall Street Journal staffer Josh Barbanel.

In June, the city’s nine-member Rent Guidelines Board, each appointed by Mayor Bill de Blasio, voted to freeze one-year leases for the second time in two years.

In a statement, Joseph Strasburg, president of the owner group, said the rent freeze was designed to require landlords to provide “a rent subsidy to all tenants regardless of need.” He said it served Mr. de Blasio’s “political agenda of gaining favor with a large segment of the city’s voting bloc.”

But the mayor’s office sees things much differently:

A mayoral spokesman, Austin Finan, said the “landlord lobby” was mounting a political attack on the mayor by challenging a rent freeze “for more than a million tenants struggling to make ends meet.”

“Facts are facts, and the RGB independently decided on a rent freeze based on the hard numbers,” he said.

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