Construction Sheds 27,000 Jobs in January (BUILDER Online) Jobs decline in the construction sector for the seventh straight month.

Investment Group Buys Trend Homes (BUILDER Online) Sale is contingent on bankruptcy court approving Chapter 11 reorganization.

Orleans Loses $38.6 Million in Fiscal '08 Second Quarter (BUILDER Online) Second quarter new orders down 25 percent.

Consumer Spending Lags (BUILDER Online) Housing slump blamed for pullback in consumer purchases, GDP.

Newmark Produces Some Web-Savvy PR (BUILDER Online) Builder posts one-minute video on home page following sale by parent TOUSA.

Pulte Reports Fourth-Quarter Loss of $893.3 million (BUILDER Online) Big builder lost $2.3 billion in 2007, first annual loss in 58-year history.

Fed Cuts Rates, Again (BUILDER Online) Fed cuts rates by 50 basis points.

Centex Loses $975 Million in Latest Quarter (BUILDER Online) Company moves toward "transparent pricing" that dispenses with discounts and incentives.

Housing Affordability is Up, But Gaps Persist (BUILDER Online) Median-income families gain buying power, but many workers priced out of the market.  

NVR's Fourth-Quarter Orders Down 35 Percent (BUILDER Online) Company reports a profit, but net income down 43 percent for fiscal 2007.

TOUSA Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection (BUILDER Online) Builder seeks $150 million in financing to keep its business operating while it attempts to reorganize.

Consumer Confidence Down in January (BUILDER Online) Housing meltdown and spillover into financial markets takes its toll on confidence.

Blog: Swimming Upstream (BUILDER Online) Agree or disagree with the thoughts of BUILDER Editorial Director Boyce Thompson.

What's New On Build TV? The BUILDER Roundtable: Costa Mesa Segment 3 -- Boyce Thompson, editorial director of BUILDER Magazine, hosts a discussion with industry leaders in the San Diego region. In this segment, the builders discuss their growth plans for the downturn.

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