After more than two decades, NAHB's chief economist is retiring. David Seiders, who joined NAHB in 1984, is leaving his post next month. He will be replaced in NAHB's top housing economics position by David Crowe, currently NAHB's senior staff vice president for regulatory and housing policy, effective Nov. 17.

“Dave Crowe is uniquely qualified to fill this demanding position,” said Jerry Howard, NAHB’s president and CEO. “Not only is he a highly regarded economist, he has extensive experience in housing finance and housing policy. Given today’s turbulent economy and rapidly evolving housing finance environment, this combination of skills will be invaluable to NAHB as efforts to stabilize the housing and financial markets move forward.”
Crowe has held several senior level positions in economics, housing policy, and housing finance since he joined NAHB in 1989. Before arriving at NAHB, he was deputy director for the division of housing and demographic analysis in HUD's Office of Economic Affairs.

Crowe has a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Kentucky.