NerdWallet's Sreekar Jasthi and Lauren McMullen report that 2016 college graduates seeking jobs in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields will find robust opportunity and higher pay in many different parts of the country.

To determine the top homes to STEM jobs, NerdWallet analazyed the nation's 330 largest metro areas, and looked at recent federal data on salaries, concentration of STEM jobs, unemployment rates, as well as U.S. Census Bureau data on the cost of median monthly rent in each locations.

Sure, the STEM field brings to mind images of Silicon Valley, with its Google-sized behemoths and up-and-coming startups, and the tech mecca certainly did make our list. But our top 10 metro areas aren’t only in California. We found opportunities for STEM jobs in seven other states, including Alabama, Colorado, Washington, North Carolina, Florida, New Jersey and Texas.

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