Every year, BUILDER surveys home building firms across the country for inclusion on its list of the top 100 builders, ranked in order by annual closings. Published by Hanley Wood since 1984, the BUILDER 100 is the housing industry’s premier list of the largest U.S. home builders.

In addition to its rankings, the list always provides a good snapshot of the industry, and last year’s survey indicated good news. After a five-year housing slump, economic conditions were improving in most markets as evidenced by increased closings and revenues for most of the nation’s biggest builders. (Click here for the full list.)

Last year’s survey also found that the top 100 building companies in the country had a combined gross revenue of $51 billion, half of which came from the top 10 builders. Other interesting data included:

—Out of the top 10 building firms, nine of them were public.

—Two of the top 100 companies were run by women.

—The volume of closings needed to be on the top 100 list was 842, compared with 319 in 2005.

—Forty-three of the top 200 firms were based in Texas.

—Thirty-one new companies were included in the top 200 compared with the year before.

How will this year’s numbers play out?  Will your firm be included? BUILDER staff is currently compiling 2013 survey data but it’s not too late to be considered—the deadline is Friday, Feb. 21. Click here for more information.