In a series of hard-hitting articles, the Washington Post takes a detailed look at which neighborhoods have done well and which have not since the housing recovery started. Reporters found that homeowners in predominantly black neighborhoods have not recovered as quickly as their white counterparts. The team of writers looks at several U.S. cities impacted by the recession, including Atlanta and Stockton, Calif.

The coverage also includes a calculator that readers can use to see by ZIP code how a neighborhood is faring since the recession.

Nationwide, home values in predominantly African American neighborhoods have been the least likely to recover. Across the 300 largest U.S. metropolitan areas, homes in 4 out of 10 Zip codes where blacks are the largest population group are worth less than they were in 2004. That’s twice the rate for mostly white Zip codes across the country. Across metropolitan Atlanta, nearly 9 in 10 largely black Zip codes still have home values below that point 12 years ago.

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