While African-Americans are attending and graduating college more than ever,a new report finds many are thrown into a pool of low-paying majors.

Anna Louie Sussman of the Wall Street Journal writes African-Americans make up 12 percent of the population, but only 8% or less are in the highest-paying majors. Still, even if an African-American graduate has a degree in a higher-earning major, there's still a racial gap that can prevent them from earning greater wages.

“It’s the right church but the wrong pew,” said Anthony Carnevale, an author of the report, noting that these choices are “still very much a factor” contributing to the racial wage gap.

“If you’re an African-American who majors in math, you’re more likely to become a school teacher. If you’re a white male who majors in math, you’re more likely to go on to grad school in business, or to seek out higher education opportunities,” he said.

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