Assets & Opportunity Scorecard

While some people people have benefited from the economic recovery of the last couple of years, millions of others haven't, according to a Fast Company analysis of this year's "Assets & Opportunity Scorecard," a comprehensive analysis of financial well-being from the non-profit Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED).

Not surprisingly, high housing costs (along with high medical costs) are only of the leading factors keeping Americans from earning enough to save or build assets, according to Fast Company.

Because of a lack of affordable real estate, 51% of renters spend at least one third of their income on housing. Almost 15% of Americans say they didn't visit a doctor last year for cost reasons. More than half of credit users have sub-prime scores, while 26 million adults are "credit invisible" (they have no file) and 19 million are "un-scorable" (they lack sufficient credit history). One-in-four jobs are low-wage, and most of them are done by African Americans or Hispanics. Households of color are 2.1 times more likely than the rest of the population to live below the poverty line.

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