Of all the housing shows, I have always considered PCBC my favorite. I could walk the show floor without feeling like I’d run a marathon by the end of the day. The volume of attendees always seemed refreshingly manageable, with plenty of opportunities to meet new sources and connect with longtime colleagues. Finally, what’s not to like about San Francisco in June, especially when you live in the humid swamp that is Washington, D.C., in summertime?

I didn’t make it to PCBC this year, but others from BUILDER did, and they sent news to us daily about green building, California’s housing market, and other topics. You can find the stories here. (If you want to read them with a warm slice of fresh Boudin Bakery sourdough bread, though, you’re on your own. Digital media can only go so far.) --Alison Rice

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Questions abound in today’s housing market. Will Countrywide have to pay damages? What will be the pace of new-home sales next month? Where will 30-year-fixed mortgage rates stand on Thursday, Nov. 6, 2008, two days after we elect our next president? Make your predictions about these and other issues at BUILDER Online’s Prediction Center.

Housing Headlines
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Boyce on Building: NAHB Compromises to Obtain Housing Relief
In an effort to hasten the passage of housing relief legislation, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) officially abandoned its support of a controversial provision in the Senate-passed bill that would have allowed builders to carry back their losses two additional years.

PCBC Coverage
If you didn’t make it to San Francisco for the Pacific Coast Builders Conference this year, no worries: BUILDER Online will catch you up on the latest new products to thought-provoking sessions on green building and more. 

Housing Crisis
Senator Stalls Housing Relief With Call for Energy Credits

Vital Part of Housing Bill is Brainchild of Banks

Illinois, California Sue Countrywide

Fed Ends String of Rate Cuts

Small Banks Face a Looming Hit From Builders’ Interest-Reserve Loans

Caruso Homes Files Chapter 11

Caruso Homes Confident About Quick Reorganization

Housing Data
Existing Home Sales Bump Upward in May

New Home Sales Fall

Public Builders
KB Posts $255.9 Million Loss in Q2

Lennar CEO Finds Positives in Paltry Numbers

Green Building
Survey: Consumers Will Pay More for Energy Efficiency

Have You Heard?
Home Depot Offers Recycling for Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

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