Public home building "named executive officers," most notably ceos, saw a 35% spike in their total compensation packages in 2013, thanks primarily to operational performance-related bonuses that kicked in as volume and pricing picked up pace last year. Here's a look at this year's public home builder ceo compensation rankings, which feature some newcomers to the list by virtue of a spate of Initial Public Offerings in calendar 2013.


Interestingly, when you look at the base salaries of the ceos of three newly public companies--WCI Communities' Keith Bass, William Lyon Homes' William H. Lyon, and TRI Pointe's--all below $600,000, and factor that low-end trio against fairly flat year-on-year base salary numbers for the incumbent gang, it's clear that the baseline range for a public home building company ceo's base salary is right around the $1 mil mark.

Year-on-year, the average base salary for the 2012 bucket of 13 ceos was $957,000, while the base for the group with the three added 2013 vintage publics, went down to $894,000.

So, the 35% change in the total comp package clearly doesn't spring from a rise in base compensation. Rather, it's the non-equity incentive--i.e. bonuses pegged to performance hurdles--area that took the most dramatic leap--58%--upward from 2012 to 2013.

Typically, performance bonuses trigger from operational goals such as revenue and gross margin growth, while some redound to talent retention, sales, general and administrative (overhead) reduction, etc.

We'll give you a quick snapshot of the individual comp packages as we pore through the Securities and Exchange Commission proxy statements, and continue to add commentary as we pick up themes, exceptions, and answers to the inevitable riddles that will arise.

Here are the 2013 CEO compensation rankings for the companies that have posted proxies to their SEC filings.


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Note: Research is by Katherine Gloede, data project associate, Hanley Wood Radar Desk