The team at Idaho-based CBH Homes has come to recognize two distinct types of buyers. One comes to the table with everything in order, from loan pre-approvals to design options. The other shows up and asks, “What now?”

With its recently launched Fast Track Program, CBH Homes found a way to reward the former buyer with a streamlined process that expedites the delivery time of their new home. The effort takes place mostly inside the office.

“When you touch a Fast Track file internally, you know you have a certain amount of time to turn it around,” says Ronda Conger, vice president at CBH homes. Conger says the system can cut two- to four- weeks off a home’s delivery time. Separate filing cabinets, “Fast Track” subject lines in emails, and neon green labels help achieve the process internally.

CBH builds entry-level, move-up, and luxury homes. “All three could benefit from the program,” says Conger, “But the first- and second-time market are using it the most. By the third, there’s more details, more customization, harder houses in general.”

To qualify for the Fast Track program, a potential buyer must:

  • -Meet with their lender and be pre-qualified for their home-loan;
  • -Demand no contract contingencies;
  • -Request no custom options;
  • -Preview the CBH design studio and be prepared to make major structural decisions; and
  • -Be able to provide appropriate down payment.

The program’s marketing materials and simplified checklists also promote good buying behavior and dispel misconceptions about the buying process. For first-time buyers, it shows that buying a home doesn’t have to be a lengthy, drawn-out process.

“We want Millennials to realize that this could happen fast,” says Croger, “They can move out of their basement in 90 days.”

Many buyers are excited about the prospect of Fast Track, but aren’t quite ready. For some, knowing what they want before they get to the design studio appointment is the hardest part.