Beazer Homes, spurred by research showing a lack of knowledge among prospective home buyers about the new $7,500 tax credit in the recently enacted housing relief bill, will produce a free video webinar on August 19 to help them learn.

"The tax credit combined with our special incentives represents a tremendous opportunity for renters to make the move to home ownership," said Ian McCarthy, president and CEO of Beazer. "We're trying a new approach that we believe will resonate with many of today's buyers."

The webinar will run on Tues., Aug. 19 at 8p.m. EDT, at, and will conclude with a live question and answer session.

The idea for the webinar emerged from a August 5-6 survey of 1,029 adults with household incomes of $40,000 or more, conducted by Market Tools for Beazer. That surveny found 77% of respondents unaware of the new temporary tax credit. However, 29% of respondents said the availability of such a credit would increase their likelihood of purchasing a new home now. Some 25% said they would be more likely to ask questions of home sellers and mortgage lenders if they could do so anonymously. And more than 60% of respondents said a free webinar or website was their preferred method of communication for information on the government tax credit.