As housing's players reboot capacity, uneven or unreliable sourcing of labor, materials, or products can mean the difference between great risk and terrific, winning opportunities. Real-time knowledge and connections to act on it can be game changers, and this gives a whole new measure of value to social network strategies that leverage knowledge networks as an instant decision-support system in the field or your headquarters office.

For instance, specifiers are now using Twitter to locate new products with #SocialSpec—a service connecting them with suppliers and builders. It is quickly creating a knowledgeable and helpful crowd-sourcing network within the building industry.

The process is simple: Follow @SocialSpec and tweet your product or needs with the #SocialSpec hashtag. SocialSpec then retweets your tweet to the growing network of specifiers, contractors and more. You can see more details on their site.

One of the beautiful things about Twitter, is you don't have to limit yourself to these services to be successful. With the right know-how, you can take your social media presence into your own hands and become a rock-star on Twitter in your own right. Use a social dashboard like HootSuite or TweetDeck to save searches, monitor hashtags, and know what your network is talking about.

Once you are on the path to social media rock-stardom, venturing into the world of Twitter advertising might not be a bad idea. It is a great way to grow your social presence even further and target Twitter users by location and interests.

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Andrew Knight is a content producer at Hanley Wood. Follow at @AndrewKnight_HW.