2010 was a turbulent year for the home building industry, and our list of most-popular stories for 2010 reflects our readers desire to find shelter from the turbulence. Overall, readers turned to stories that focused on making the most of a dollar.

“A Home For the New Economy,” “Under $100,000 House,” and “Cozy Cottages” all provided new antidotes for the McMansion lust that left so much financial wreckage to contend with.

Looking for new opportunities and new hope, builders also found that stories such as “20 Healthiest Housing Markets,” “10 Companies To Watch,” and 10 Best-Selling Master Communities” provided key strategic information to keep their businesses headed in the right direction.

And finally, for those builders not looking for a wholesale retooling of their businesses, product stories such as “8 Hot Kitchen Trends,” “Products to consider in 2011,” “Structural Insulated Panels,” and “10 Luxury Products to Consider” provided smaller, but still significant ways to help builders offer buyers more of what they’re looking for in these tight economic times.

1) Modular Builder Unveils $100,000 House
Excel says some homes will be priced as low as $60,000.

2) On the Mend: The 20 Healthiest Housing Markets for 2010
Which housing markets are the best bets to recover first? We present our annual list of the 20 healthiest housing markets in the country.

3) 8 Hot Kitchen Trends for 2010
Three leading designers whip up a recipe for winning kitchens in the new economy.

4) Cozy Cottages
Ten little projects practice the art of thinking small.

5) 10 Companies to Watch in 2010
We single out the builders and suppliers that should make some noise this year.

6) 10 Best-Selling Master-Planned Communities
RCLCO’s annual list highlights the building blocks of housing's new normal.

7) A Home for the New Economy
Easy to finance, build, market, and maintain, BUILDER'S prototype home takes flexibility to a new level.

8) 10 Products You Should Consider Including in Your Houses in 2011
To improve the performance or appearance of your homes, start using these items now.

9) Structural Insulated Panels Have Many Fans, So Why Don't More Builders Use Them?
SIPs offer superior energy efficiency to conventional stick-frame building.

10) 10 Luxury Products to Consider For The Future
These products may be pricey, but they’re also irresistibly good-looking.

Matthew Phair is a Senior editor, online for BUILDER.