Mortgage Foreclosures Rise to Record ( RealtyTrac reports foreclosures are up 90 percent from May 2006 and then announces plans to revise the way it crunches (The Star Ledger) its widely followed data.

The Immigration Overhaul Bill Stalls in the Senate (BUILDER Online) The NAHB reacts; Democrats accuse the GOP of obstructionism; Republicans say bill requires more debate; and the President urges the GOP to come to a resolution.

2006 Mortgage Fraud Report Released (BUILDER Online) Florida, California, and Michigan lead the nation in reports of mortgage fraud.

Blog of the Week: Realty Check with Diana Olick ( CNBC's real estate reporter blogs about RealtyTrac's foreclosure data and being snubbed by some building industry CEOs.

Sting Operation Busts 160 Illegal Contractors in Connecticut (The The sting operation concentrated on contractors who had been named in consumer complaints, but also included names collected from newspapers, local building officials, police departments, and business cards placed with local shopkeepers.

Brit Builder Takes Shine to Arizona (Arizona Republic) Charles Sidi purchases Arizona Custom Home Builders, changing the name of the 30-year-old company to Scottsdale Arizona Custom Home Builders.

Video: Charlottesville, Va., Home Builder Goes Green (Charlottesville Newsplex TV) "I think there are people that would find that important and would want to participate in being kind to our planet" says home builder Dale Abrahamse.

Countrywide Expands ( As foreclosures double, the nation's largest lender adds jobs and increases volume by 15 percent.

Audio: The home Show ( X ESPN Radio) A panel of experts from the U.S. Green Building Council discusses environmentally responsible building.

Free Web Seminar (BUILDER Online) What is green building? Join industry trainer Mark LaLiberte to learn more about sustainable construction and other green issues.

Special Report: The Mortgage Mess (

Boyce's Blog: Calling the Bottom (BUILDER Online) Agree or disagree with the thoughts of BUILDER Editorial Director Boyce Thompson?

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From the Pages of BUILDER: Between the Gaps (BUILDER Online) Energy Star's "thermal bypass checklist" gives builders a new way to compete-but it's no free lunch. Check out more from the current issue of BUILDER.

Take the BUILDER Poll (BUILDER Online) Late last week, the immigration overhaul bill stalled in the Senate. Did you support the bill as it was or do you think it requires more debate?

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