Texas-based Putnam Builders filed a lawsuit against a Galveston County, Texas couple for allegedly breaching a contract by failing to pay more than $283,000, reports Philip Gonzales of the Southeast Texas Record.

The lawsuit was filed last month in Galveston County District Court against Joseph A. Briers, et al, alleging a breach of contractual obligations.

According to the complaint, on June 28, 2015, Putnam Builders entered into a contract for the construction of the Briers' home with a lien on the lot in San Leon to secure payment. At the time of filing, the suit says, the house is approximately 70% complete.

The plaintiff, the lawsuit states, suffered damages of $283,685.42 for labor and materials expended and lost overhead and profit because the defendant unilaterally terminated the contract and refused to pay the plaintiff for the work performed.

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