San Francisco rents are high. Apartment inventory is low. In a seemingly desperate measure, one man built a 'pod' in his friend's living room, which costs him $508 a month.

The idea for the pod - really just a wood box in the corner of the room - came from Japan's capsule hotels, which let guests rent a bed instead of an entire room. Peter Berkowitz, the man who built and is now living in the pod, says it's all about finding a solution that's practical, comfortable, and gives him a place to sleep at night.

“Yes, living in a pod is silly,” Berkowitz writes in a blog post. “But the silliness is endemic to San Francisco’s absurdly high housing prices—the pod is just a solution that works for me.”

“People are typically surprised that I would want to live in a pod, but I think they tend to underestimate how pleasant a pod can be if it’s designed smartly. It’s the coziest bedroom I’ve ever had. It’s the only bed I’ve had with a fold-down desk, a slanted + cushioned backboard, and uniformly ideal light for reading,” he writes.

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