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Judo Product Development: How to use process to gain an edge on competitors

FMI consultant Clark Ellis and architect Jerry Gloss show mixed martial arts strategy belongs as much in your company's culture as in the UFC octagon. By following a path of discipline and control, your company can create a solutions-oriented organization that can outmaneuver rivals by bringing competitive product to market faster and more profitably.

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Portfolios & Profits: How to make money from bulk land deals

As banks try to unload real estate assets from their balance sheets, there's a lot of temptation for builders and developers to try to pick up lots on the cheap. But how do you know if you're buying dogs? Don Walker, a senior vice president with John Burns Real Estate Consulting, identifies the dos and don'ts of buying portfolio land deals.

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The Shift from Scale to Efficiency: A Not-so-Modest Strategic Proposal

Consultant Robert Held steps back from the trenches of home building operations for a long view at process strategy, management, capital flow, and manufacturing efficiency... Take out the variability, and home builders will instantly add "P" to their P&L.

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Commercial's Gone Soft: So What?

The commercial real estate market cycle has historically lagged the residential cycle. But with talk of a commercial real estate meltdown reaching a fever pitch is the worst really behind us? John Burns Real Estate Consulting's Lesley Deutch deciphers what fallout the commercial real estate downturn could have on housing.

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What's Selling & Who's Buying

In this short video, Tim Sullivan and Peter Dennehy of Sullivan Group Real Estate Advisors tag-team to show you a handful of communities that really are outperforming peers. They'll dissect each community to show you what's driving buyers to these builders' doors--from price to product to place. Jim the Realtor and his video blogs have got nothing on these two.

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Foreclosure Fighters: Not just for the first-time buyer market anymore

Many builders have been successful in nabbing buyers from the resale and foreclosure markets with the rollout of value-oriented product lines, which are more affordable and less expensive to build. But as the first-time buyer pool runs dry, will builders be ready to meet the move-up market? Designers Kerrin West of Studio 81 International and John Thatch of The Dahlin Group weigh in on how to retool to have a foreclosure fighter at every price level.

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Search engine optimization--otherwise known as SEO--is the online marketing buzz word du jour. Builders' ability to stay competitive on the Web hinges on how well they can manage it. But what is it exactly and how can you use it to your advantage? Mitch Levinson of Internet marketing, social media, and public relations firm mRELEVANCE lays out all the answers in this slidecast.

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Who Wants to Be a Zillionaire?

Chances are your sales force is looking a little deflated after three-plus years of the new-home market heading south. A market recovery is headed our way, so it's time to revive your offensive lines. Former sales execs Karen Murray and Lynn Palmer, now co-founders of RenewalZone.com, share four exercises from their training system plus loads of tips on how to pump up your sales staffs by making them smarter, more competitive, and ultimately more successful.

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On the Road to Recovery

Bob Hafer and Jon Fogg of The Berke Group offer a four-segment sales training and management program that will focus on the basics as well as the advanced skill sets you need to counter the tsunami of challenges that continues to sweep over the new home landscape.

* Building a New Selling System Strategy

* Finding and Hiring the Right People

* Better Managing Your Sales Staff

* Breaking Down the Barriers to Sales Success

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The Message & the Medium

Face it. Your customers have changed. The challenge in 2010 is to find new ways to target your buyers, create a compelling message that synchs with their changing values, and deliver your message in the right format. And increasingly that means getting it right online. Marketing expert Jon Bailey of BG Creative will show you how.

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The New-Home Community Meets the New Economy

Between today's economic uncertainties and major structural demographic shifts, the next generation of would-be home buyers has a new definition of value that is governing what they buy, how they buy, and what they expect out of the buying experience. Newland Communities' vice president of research Malee Tobias explains what matters most when it comes to a new home and a new-home community.