NerdWallet's Sreekar Jasthi and Laura McMullen analyzed the 100 largest U.S. cities to determine the best and worst environments for recent college graduates. Backed by U.S. Census Bureau data, the ranking considers job options, the average age of the population, rent costs, and median earnings, in addition to the Bureau of Labor Statstics' reported unemployment rates from December 2015.

According to NerdWallet's analysis, Arlington, Va., houses the most jobs that require a bachelor's degree or higher, such as management, business, science, or the arts.

Our analysis favors cities where you can make a living without spending an outsized portion of your paycheck on rent. Minneapolis and Atlanta, for example, offer solid local economies and affordable housing. Even pricier cities such as Arlington, its neighbor Washington, D.C., and San Francisco made our top 10 list in part because median earnings in those areas are higher, which helps offset steep rents.

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