A new study from JPMorgan Chase Institute found that just less than 1% of Americans over 65 years old were using apps to earn income, but that those seniors showed a greater need for that income over other users of those apps.

In total, roughly 3.1% of the general population is earning a portion of their income through the gig economy, which is comprised of these new apps like Uber and Airbnb. Of that population, it's the seniors who are relying on these apps for a larger portion of their incomes.

Many older Americans are not fully retired, still relying on work to provide some income. The JPMorgan data showed that 25% of income for Americans 65 or older came from labor. Social Security checks provided 43% of their income.

Older Americans working in the gig economy are most frequently involved in capital-intensive platforms. That could suggest seniors are in a better position to leverage existing assets, such as a vacation home, to earn additional income, compared with seeking to provide physical labor.

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