The National Fair Housing Alliance plans to file a discrimination complaint against Bank of America reports Washington Post writer Luz Lazo. The fair housing advocacy group alleges that the bank has neglected foreclosed homes it owns in black and Latino neighborhoods, but has done a much better job of maintaining those in white neighborhoods.

The group analyzed 1,267 properties foreclosed by Bank of America in 30 metropolitan areas across the country and found that the bank failed to do simple maintenance tasks such as mowing the lawn and locking doors and windows in minority neighborhoods, which leads to blight, decay, safety concerns within the neighborhoods, and a decline in property values.

“In communities of color, Bank of America simply ignores the routine basic maintenance,” said Shanna L. Smith, president and CEO of the National Fair Housing Alliance. “It is amazing how nice the homes are in the neighborhood and then you come right up to this eyesore that is a Bank of America foreclosure. All these banks say they have procedures, but you can look at our photographs and see that that’s an absolute lie."

Bank of America responded in a statement: “Bank of America has a strong track record and uniform policies for properly maintaining and marketing properties, yet NFHA has continuously presented inaccurate and misleading information as ‘research’ while, at the same time, seeking significant money from our company.”

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