Designboom's Hollie Smith shares a series of abstract, visual data diagrams that aim to highlight the income segregation levels of both cities through a high-resolution matrix of blocks that imitate the appearance of magnetized iron.

Created by Austrian artist Herwig Scherabon, the pieces distinguish a clear divide between the wealthier neighborhoods that contain the highest towers, and the more barren, low income areas such as Chicago's south side. The works were exhibited at the Glasgow School of Art graduate show.

Herwig Scherabon states that there is an obvious divide between rich and poor in modern cities. the patterns and correlations within the urban fabric, as well as the politics behind urban planning, reveal a lot about the people that live in these places and the powers that shape them he says. ‘Income inequality’ presents an alternative way of looking at a city, revealing the inequalities and segregation mechanisms that exist in different districts. One image contains 12 million little blocks.

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