The Ryland Group 2006 rank:8

1986 rank:11

Alan Goldsticker likens his Indianapolis division to a “good, solid growth fund.” Old reliable, he calls it.

The division has posted about 750 closings each of the last few years—keeping steady at about a 6 percent market share. He expects the numbers to be about the same this year. “When you're in a market that never had a bubble, there's nothing to burst,” he says.

Reliable might be an accurate description for Goldsticker himself. Coming on board in 1987 as an assistant controller for the Mid-Atlantic region, Goldsticker spent the next few years working in virtually all areas to learn the business—a year in production, a year in sales, etc. In 1992, he put to use his concrete-solid foundation of experience, taking the post that he still holds today.

The beginning of Goldsticker's tenure as division president coincided with incoming CEO Chad Dreier's initiative to decentralize the company. To this day, “You basically run your own operation,” Goldsticker says.

Ryland, he says, “is very focused on the bottom line and returns.” Thus, corporate has grown accustomed to counting on Goldsticker's reliable contribution to the balance sheet.

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