Fast Company's Ben Schiller shares a look at "The Earth Awaits," a search engine that allows users to plug in information including their monthly budget, family size and lifestyle to match them with a list of cities around the would where they can afford to live.

The engine runs on data from Numbeo, a global, crowd-sourced database of consumer prices and metrics that was created by an anonymous Silicon Valley engineer. Self-dubbed "The Frugal Vagabond", the engineer's blog tracks progress toward his or her mission to eliminate debt, save every penny, and retire at 40 to travel the world.

It works like this: You tell The Earth Awaits your budget, and a few more details about your needs, and it'll spit out a list of cities around the world where you can afford to live. The site lets you narrow down the search by continent, by the level of pollution, and the crime rate of the cities you may move to. You tell it your lifestyle, from "very lean" to "modest" to "opulent," along with some basic details about the size and location of the apartment you want. An advanced search adds in filters like "primary language" and "minimum freedom score," as well as other important details such as temperature range and internet download speed.

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