The San Fernando Valley, home to the malls and the towns that figured in the movies ET, Valley Girl and The Bad News Bears, suffered a major out migration of the middle class during the 1990s and 2000s, as did much of the L.A. metro area. Loss of jobs in the aerospace industry after the cold war ended was often cited as the cause. Now the Valley is looking to get hot again. Realtor Craig Knizek says areas like Valley Glen are affordable and are near major employment areas and transportation hubs.

Edward Fitz of MarketWatch writes home prices rise drastically when you go "south of the Boulevard," that would be Ventura Boulevard. However, there are plenty of condos and complexes in the Valley that are less expensive than other places in Southern California.

One recent sale in Sherman Oaks was a 5,600 square foot "Modern Farmhouse", designed by Anastasia Ratia and Tyler Denk. It's a style which beautifully fits our Southern California "dressed up casual" way of life. In the words of Ratia: "My style is influenced by growing up in Connecticut, surrounded by wonderful old homes. I love the idea of using traditional architecture as the inspiration for our homes and then stripping away details for a more modern, minimalist feel."

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