For recent immigrants in Hialeah, FL, high rents mean that a single family home might be out of reach.

Hialeah, one of Florida’s largest industrial centers, currently ranks as the second-worst city in America for renting a home, according to a recent WalletHub survey. Almost one out of three of Hialeah’s tenants spends 50% or more of their monthly income on rent.

These high rents have poor consequences for Hialeah’s large recent immigrant population, according to the Miami Herald Editorial Board, which points to “income inequality, lack of good-paying jobs, a sputtering economy and scarcity of affordable housing” as root causes of the high rents. “If those new arrivals can’t better their lives, by pushing those above them farther up the financial ladder, prosperity stalls,” they say.

There is an urgency for local governments to allocate more funds to aid tenants who cannot afford the exorbitant free-market prices, establishing partnerships with the private sector for the construction and development of rental units at reasonable prices. Other measures that should be pursued include subsidies and tax incentives to developers.

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