The average cost of daycare for just one child is 18% of the national median income.

The $9,589 average yearly cost for full-time child care has jumped above the $9,410 average in-state college tuition, according to a report from New America. This means that parents earning the national median household income - $53,000 – would have to pay 18% of their income for just one child’s care. For a minimum-wage worker, the percentage jumps to almost two-thirds – and infant care can cost an average of 12% more.

Only 11% of child care centers nationwide are accredited, the report said. The top five states with the highest overall care score are Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Minnesota. The bottom five states with the lowest overall score are West Virginia, Mississippi, New Mexico, Nevada and Oklahoma. (Here's New America's state-by-state look at child care costs, quality of care and availability.)

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