BUYING A NEW HOME MAY BE the American dream, but most first-timers are unaware that it can be a nightmare. Even for experienced buyers, a new home's avalanche of decisions can be daunting.

Short of leaving all choices to the builder, little can be done to avoid the selection process. St. Charles, Mo.–based Three Point Media, however, says its My Home Resource Solution, a Web-based system, will help make things more efficient. “[It] is essentially a communications tool between the builder and the consumer to keep the whole process organized,” says company president Aaron W. Duncan.

The customizable tool is designed based on the builder's needs. Duncan says his company can tie in a builder's existing bidding, construction, and finance software to make the site work as effectively as possible.

Once the site is set up, customers have 24-hour access and can view documents and other important information about their new home, including construction schedules, products lists, and to-do lists. One of the coolest site features, Duncan believes, is the virtual showroom, where buyers can do change orders or make product selections. “Instead of going back to the [actual] showroom, they can choose from the virtual showroom,” he says.

Because of the cost—$10,000 to $40,000—the system is best suited for builders who erect between 40 and 1,000 homes, Duncan says. At the moment, the company has six builders signed up. For more information, visit