SINCE IT WAS ESTABLISHED IN 1989, HOMEAID America has pulled together countless teams of builders and trade partners to put up shelter projects for the homeless. But a recent request for help left even the unflappable Mike Lennon, president of the nonprofit, a little nonplussed.

Could HomeAid, asked Conrad Ricketts, senior producer of ABC television's “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” pull together a team to demolish a house in South Central Los Angeles and put up a new, 4,700-square-foot replacement in just six days? “It was an amazingly fast process,” says Lennon. “From the time ABC contacted us to the time the house was finished was just eight weeks.” He credits his team—builder Shea Homes, architects from Bassenian/ Lagoni, and many trade partners—with the success of the blitz build. More than 1,200 volunteers got involved putting up a house for the Garays, a family with nine children.

There wasn't a dry eye at the reveal, which came right on schedule on day six. “The Shea team, our HomeAid team, the folks from Bassenian/Lagoni, and all our trade partners gave with sacrifice and joy,” says Lennon. “It was so above and beyond.”

Look for the full story to air on ABC sometime this fall.

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